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After all, the Surface Hub 2X will not be released this year. Microsoft bets on "major software update"

In 2019, Microsoft launched the Surface Hub 2S and guarantees this year the 2X version, of high quality, with a new processor. However, this may not happen in 2020, with the tech giant betting instead on a "major software update" for the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2.

In a leak of a Surface Hub 2 merchant webinar, Microsoft has ensured that it remains committed to working on developing new features, such as rotation, but it is unclear when it will emerge.

"The new features may not require an upgrade for Surface Hub 2S customers," said a Microsoft spokesman at the webinar, adding that the company has no plans to launch a new chipset and processor in 2020, because the best way to bet differentiating features, such as screen rotation, may not require you to follow that path.

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Instead, the tech giant is planning to launch a "major software update" for users of the Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 and its 85-inch device, announced in 2019. Based on the first 2020 version of Windows 10 , the update will include more integration, implementation and management capabilities for information technologies (IT), the company said.

Microsoft is launching this free update for all Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2S devices, while the hardware update for version 2X would be available only for Surface Hub 2S devices.

Although this update is based on the latest version of Windows 10, it is not related to Windows Core OS, which powers the Surface Hub 2. The update that had been anticipated should update the Surface Hub 2S to this more modern operating system (OS), but it is not entirely clear whether this will actually happen now. However, Microsoft's plans to transform the Surface Hub 2S into equipment through which other devices can be connected remain for 2020.

The Verge contacted Microsoft to clarify its plans for the Surface Hub 2X, but the company only guaranteed its software update plans for this year. The Hub's two main priorities in 2020 are to implement the 85-inch device and launch an update to the DO that includes many of the key features that customers have been asking for since the launch of the Surface Hub 2S, including improving integration, implementation and IT management at no cost for all Hub and Hub 2S devices.

The Surface Hub arrived in Portugal in 2016, in a tablet version but in size XXL. Since then, Microsoft has launched the Surface Hub 2 and, more recently, the Surface Hub 2S, with 50 inches.