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A7 could be Apple's first 64-bit chip for iGadgets and its performance gains would reach 31%

Several rumors involving future iPhones are popping up around the corner, something normal since very soon (September 10) Apple should hold an event to present the new device or perhaps the new ones, since this year we may see the arrival of the ?iPhone 5S ?(replacement for iPhone 5) and? iPhone 5C ?(much speculated as the? low-cost iPhone ?).

However, it is necessary to take into account the source of these leaks before disclosing this information. The anticipation that precedes an Apple event is always high and one thing we definitely don't need to wait for things that we most likely won't see. So a lot of time in this calm!

"Sources are telling me that the new iPhone's A7 chip runs about 31% faster than the A6. I hear it's very fast."

"I also heard that there is a separate sensor dedicated to tracking motion. It must be an interesting camera upgrade."

Clayton Morris, for example, is not anyone and has a reputation to watch over, after all, the anchor guy of FOX. So he wouldn't open his mouth to say something like that if it hadn't come from trusted sources, I imagine.

The A6 a processor dual-core and many people are betting that the A7 will continue with two cores. What would be the reasons for this 31% gain, then? According to Mark Gurman, from 9to5Mac, the A7 could be the first 64-bit chip designed to iGadgets. Of course, it is very difficult to say such a thing, but Gurman said that some prototypes of the iPhone 5S ran with a 64-bit processor.


If this is indeed confirmed, we can expect animations, transparencies and any graphic interactions running much smoother in the future iPhone than in any other already released and taking into account the changes of iOS 7, the novelty would be very welcome. Some (like the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo) believe that 64-bit chips will reach iGadgets, but now and yes in 2014, who knows with the A8 processor according to him, these prototypes of "iPhones 5S" (and iPhone 5, too) which use the A7 chip would be just to leave the ground prepared for the future.

As for the motion tracking sensor, if it is hot it may have something to do with the expected news, such as slow motion footage (at 120 frames per second). Perhaps this sensor would not help in the calculation of stabilization of the device so that the footage does not come out shaky, for example? Or maybe some connection with detecting smiles, looks, among other things.

As I said, although Morris doesn?t seem to be just anybody looking for attention and throwing rumors into the air, it?s good to digest this information carefully and not to raise expectations too much for 9/10.

(via 9to5Mac)

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