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Xbox Adaptive Controller made it possible to turn wheelchairs into console controls

When Microsoft launched its special controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, it enabled many fans of video games with physical limitations to enjoy them with a better experience. The controller allows users with limited motor skills, namely difficulty with their fingers to reach the triggers, to activate the functionalities of the games.

The best that Microsoft did not shield the technology and independent companies are already expanding the initial concept of reaching more players with different immobilizing forms. A group of enthusiasts and producers named ATMakers, in partnership with the charity organization AbleGamers, designed the Freedom Wing Adapter, an adapter that turns electric wheelchair controllers into game controls for both the Xbox and the PC.

The institution is offering the adapters to all interested users, having to apply for the offer program. However, there has been a great demand, so orders have been added to a waiting list, considering the ability to raise financing and production.

On the other hand, ATMakers is selling the main circuit for 7 dollars, to anyone who wants to build the adapter. All the necessary parts are around 35 dollars, duly documented with assembly instructions, in case you want to avoid the waiting line, says The Verge. Chair joysticks must be nine-pin in order for the system to be compatible, which appears to be standard on most brands.

Regarding the Xbox Adaptive Controller, what makes this peripheral unique are the 19 3.5 mm input ports on the rear of the remote, which correspond to each button of a traditional remote, as can be seen by the associated symbols. In this way, each user can connect their own accessibility tools that they would eventually use, being immediately associated with the functions that need the command. According to Microsoft, this plug-and-play system is configured in real time, without the need to restart the console if something does not go as expected.