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Walmart beats Apple in U.S. online retailers' race

The gigantic online retail of Apple can be considered one of the great assets of the second coming of Steve Jobs in Ma, next to the iPhone, App Store, the physical stores of the company and the iMac. For about a decade, Cupertino's ecommerce has been among the top five of its kind in the US and it continues to grow. Despite this, another formidable figure in the sector has just overtaken him.

The analysis firm eMarketer released its research regarding the US online commerce scenario in 2018 and came to the conclusion that Apple lost third place in the digital retailers market share to the Walmart; the market share of its giants in the sector was 3.9% and 4%, respectively. In 2017, Walmart had 3.3% of the market and Apple, 3.8%, that is, even growing a tenth of a percentage point, Ma was surpassed by the retailer, which took a slightly larger leap.

Largest U.S. online retailers in 2018, eMarketer

According to eMarketer, Walmart is one of the companies with the highest growth in sales volume year on year throughout 2018, this jump will be 39.4%. Apple, in turn, grew only (only?) 18% until the end of December, due to a slowing demand for smartphones and other electronics, according to the firm.

It is good to note that, while Apple has only one online sales website, Walmart has three: its main website,, Sam?s Club and Also, remember that Apple sells only its own products and selected accessories in its online operation, unlike the other companies listed here.

Obviously, in the midst of this dispute, the Amazon no big deal in the first place: Jeff Bezos 'giant grabbed no less than 48% of American online retailers' share in 2018, a jump of almost 5% over the previous year. Second, the eBay remained relatively stable at 7.2%; The Home Depot held the fifth place with 1.6% share.

via Apple World Today

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