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Uniloc opens another case against Apple, this time targeting iMessage

THE Uniloc is moving quickly to become the patent troll that more d work for Apple in the courts. So far, if we haven't lost count, there are already eight disputes involving Ma. I mean, nine, if we count on this one.

Audio message in iMessage

The patent of the time 7,020,252, which covers a common audio message recording device which allows multiple users to record and access audio messages. Each message carries a qualification parameter, such as a timestamp or geographic location, which is used to grant or deny access to recordings. Such a patent was granted for the Philips in 2006, then assigned IPG Electronics 503 in 2009, Pendragon Electronics in 2012 and finally Uniloc Luxembourg last February.

Uniloc claims that the iMessage infringes your invention with devices iOS 5 or higher and "OS X" or higher, as Apple's service allows users to record voice messages that expire after a defined period (two minutes after being played by a receiving device) .

The company wants due compensation, reimbursement of attorney's fees and other benefits to be considered by the US District Court for the West Texas District (which is usually next to the patent trolls).

via AppleInsider