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Motion sensors for iPhones 5s are poorly calibrated [atualizado]

All native iOS apps have been redesigned with the arrival of the seventh version of Apple's mobile operating system. Some of them ?just? gained a new interface, while others did in fact incorporate new features and functions. One of them was the Bssola app (Compass), which now also has a level, a tool that calculates the unevenness between points.

All very good, all very well, but the problem is that, in iPhones 5s, these sensors are beyond calibrated, as we can see in the images below:

IPhone 5s sensor unregulated

Many sites have tested this gap and, horizontally, the margin of error was actually 3 degrees, exactly the number found by us. The calibration failure also affects the device's compass and, as you can imagine, it interferes in games that depend on these sensors (such as racing games).

IPhone 5s sensor unregulated

If all iOS 7 compatible devices were experiencing this failure, a system update could easily fix it. However, it seems that the problem is more present in the iPhone 5s sensor. Taking into account that the gap varies from device to device, it becomes even more difficult to be corrected via software, which has already raised the ear of some, saying that it shouldn't be so easy for Ma to fix the problem.

The most plausible theory so far that these sensors have been factory calibrated poorly, but the truth is that we will only have an answer when Apple says it will. Some users even exchanged devices that showed this gap in Apple Retail Stores without any problem, however, Ma is unlikely to make a recall or something like that. If it is not possible to correct it via software, I believe in the hypothesis raised by Mario Aguiar, from US Gizmodo, that Apple could release software for Macs / PCs or maybe even an iOS app in order to recalibrate the sensor.

Taking into account how much the news has spread through the media, the company must already be aware of this problem and must be taking the necessary steps for new units to leave the factories with the calibrated sensor. For those who are facing this problem, all that remains is to wait

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 10/22/2013 s 17:48

With today's release of iOS 7.0.3, we ran new tests and the problem was definitely fixed. Good, Apple! O/

Level reset on iPhone 5s