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Make the most of your iPhone's camera with the Obscura app

On purpose, Apple omits some features and capabilities of the camera of iOS devices, especially iPhones, in order not to make the experience with it complicated for the lay user in photography or whatever the explanation.

The question that the iPhones camera manages to simulate many features available on semi-professional machines, expanded through applications such as Obscure 2, recently launched on the App Store.

Obscura App 2

The interface of this second version of the application has been rethought to facilitate the ergonomics and handling of the camera, allowing the user to control the functions with just one hand if working on an iPhone or iPod touch. Such facility was allowed with the ?Control Wheel? (Control Wheel), which includes almost every feature of the app.

Tip: when using Obscura for real, do not use the wheel navigation to access the secondary functions of a given resource; touch each one directly to immediately configure a certain configuration.

In addition, the program makes heavy use of Taptic Engine, hardware implemented in iPhones from the 6s model that allows tactile feedback (vibrations) of the device. With each manipulation of the camera, be it a change in the ISO, focus or exposure, the application indicates the changes from sensitive responses.

Even filled with various features and photographic specificities, Obscura manages to use all resources in an extremely intuitive way, making its usability even easier and more objective. This was precisely the goal of the app's developer, Ben McCarthy, who disclosed the app's creation and development trajectory in a personal publication.

Obscura 2 was built with the future in mind. The application does not use frameworks from third parties, relying entirely on Apple technologies. Not having external dependencies means that, apart from Apple, we are not committed to programming anyone else. That liberating.

Among the many features of the application that was built entirely in the Swift language are:

  • Filters: there are more than 20 options (some purchased separately) to enhance your photos, ranging from mono to well defined tones;
  • Camera: changes between the front and rear cameras (higher angle and lower angle of iPhones with dual camera system) of the device;
  • Grid: indicates the framing of the scene from the total or square grid (widely used for those who know the Law of Teros);
  • Spirit Level: the app's own feature, represented by a line in the center of the camera view that indicates when the device is perfectly balanced when it expands from end to end on the screen;
  • Flash: no comments, works in the same way as the native application;
  • Timer: has an option of more timing (3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec) in relation to the iOS camera app (3 sec, 10 sec);
  • Format: perhaps the most interesting feature, it allows the user to register an image in more than one format simultaneously. That is, it is possible that it will be available in HEIC and RAW according to the user's configuration.

In addition, the application displays all of your photos registered on the device's Camera Roll. In each, you can check information related to metadata (such as lens aperture, shutter speed and ISO), camera and photo characteristics (file size, megapixels, dimensions and color model) and the device hardware used ( camera manufacturer, device model).

Obscura 2 app icon

Obscura 2 is available on the App Store for R $ 16.90.

via 9to5Mac

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