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iPad Pro does not pass warping test [atualizado: Surface Pro 6]

The newly launched iPads Pro have been highly praised for performance, design, screens, Face ID, speakers, adoption of the USB-C port and others. But, if we look at their physical durability, there is not much to talk about.

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything carried out all its traditional durability tests with an 11 ? iPad Pro and confirmed the obvious: the anodized aluminum of its case scratches very easily, the glass on the screen also has nothing very special and, again, the sapphire crystal used to protect the rear camera is not as pure as Apple would understand.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the video above is the final, bending test. Not that the iPad is a device that stays in your pants pocket, like an iPhone, but I didn't expect it to bend and break so easily.

As the YouTuber pointed out, there are two opposite points on the sides of the iPad Pro housing that make it susceptible to this behavior: a microphone hole and the Apple Pencil charging area, which is made of plastic instead of metal. Obviously, if the structure was not so thin (5.9mm), this resistance would probably also be a little higher.

There is nothing so worrying, obviously unless, of course, that someone happens to feel everything on their iPad Pro. That is, do not leave it lying on the sofa at all. ?

via 9to5Mac

Update Nov 21, 2018 at 18:44

Zack Nelson listened to his viewers and now performed the same test with the newly released one Surface Pro 6, from Microsoft:

The Surface did not start very well, with its screen still cracking in the scratch test of the glass. Other aspects of it, like the aluminum used in its construction, are even worse than that of the iPad because the material is painted instead of anodized.

But, in the main test that generated this controversy, the Surface did better: YouTuber failed to generate the same damage when trying to bend it. Not least: the Microsoft tablet does not have the two points of weakness in its housing and, in addition, it is much thicker (8.5mm against 5.9mm) and heavy (770g against 468g). OK.

via TNW

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