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Google Doodle celebrates Mestre Bimba's 119th birthday | Internet

Mestre Bimba the honoree of Google Doodle this Friday (23). The celebration takes place on the 119th anniversary of the Bahian, responsible for founding the first capoeira school in Brazil. Capoeirista is also known for starting a new style of this martial art called capoeira regional.

The illustration that replaces the classic search engine logo shows the performance of capoeiristas in front of the word Google. The user must click on the play icon to watch the animation.

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Google Doodle illustrates Mestre Bimba's capoeira practice Photo: Reproduo / Google

Google Doodle illustrates Mestre Bimba's capoeira practice Photo: Reproduo / Google

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The name of Mestre Bimba, in fact, Manoel dos Reis Machado. He was born in Salvador, Bahia, on November 23, 1899. Although the practice of capoeira was considered illegal by the Brazilian government at the time, he started playing at the age of 12. Mestre Bimba was one of the main responsible for the diffusion of capoeira in the country, having founded the first capoeira school in Brazil in 1932, with the support of the Education Department of the State of Bahia.

Mestre Bimba's importance for capoeira goes further, as he modernized it in order to bring more adepts to practice and compete with other martial arts that also gained space at that time, such as karat and jud. It was the origin of the so-called regional capoeira.

Thus, Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha were on opposite sides of capoeira: while the former preached the modernization of the practice, the latter continued to disseminate capoeira in Angola. This more traditional style is linked to the African roots of this art, so that Mestre Bimba himself practiced it right at the beginning of his career as a capoeirista.

Mestre Bimba died of a stroke in 1974, in Goinia. His life story was portrayed in the documentary Mestre Bimba: Capoeira Enlightened, released in 2005.

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