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Google asks Android manufacturers to open up

Nick Kralevich, Android security engineer, published a post on the Android platform's official blog in which he asks smartphone manufacturers to start a process of greater openness to their consumers.

For Kralevich, the devices should be unlocked, allowing individual users to modify the software installed by the manufacturers and customize them freely and openly.

?Operators and manufacturers provide an easy method to legitimately unlock devices. We can expect operators and manufacturers to recognize this and not force users to choose between open devices and closed devices, ?he wrote.

"It is possible to develop unlocking techniques that protect the integrity of the mobile network, the rights of content providers, the rights of application developers, while giving users the choice" says the engineer regarding the applications that operators and manufacturers are looking to add to their gadgets.

?Android has a strong security strategy, supported by solid execution. By default, all Android applications are independent of each other, helping to ensure that one bug or malicious application can interfere with another, ?he explains.

In a recent interview with PC Magazine, Andy Rubin, head of Android, said that locking implementations by some of the manufacturers could result in a major problem in the market. According to him, the example of freedom comes from Google Nexus S, a device that invites users to change the software.

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