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Escobar Fold 2: The accessible Galaxy Fold

Escobar Fold 2: The Galaxy Fold is accessible

Last year, Escobar Inc., a company inspired by the late Colombian drug boss Pablo Escobar, revealed a foldable smartphone, the Escobar Fold 1, not even two months ago, at the time the smartphone displayed an absurd similarity to the Huawei Mate Xwhen opened.

Now the company is back in the news, bringing the Escobar Fold 2, a new foldable smartphone, the Escobar Fold 2, which is now the copy of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What is the difference between them? Well, basically just the price. While the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $ 2,000, the Escobar Fold 2 costs $ 399 a version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and a version with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage costs $ 549, that is, 1 / 4 from the price of Samsung folding.

Looking at the video above, you can see that when you open the system displayed by Samsung, as well as the camera application and the clipping of the internal cameras are only Samsung's Galaxy Fold, then most likely the foldable smartphone from Escobar Inc. may not be ready still.

But do not think that this makes your specifications different, the foldable smartphone that is being called on the company website "Samsung Killer" brings a snapdragon 855 processor, a set of cameras that total 5 sensors, three on the back, one on the inside and one on the front when folded, has fingerprint sensor on the side, 4.380 battery mAh and arrives with Android 10.

In this regard, Samsung takes advantage of an additional camera sensor inside its foldable. But it definitely doesn't justify the price difference. However, at least not yet, to question the quality of the internal components and the folding screen, it is worth remembering that Samsung had serious problems with the screen and folding mechanism that caused the company to delay the arrival of its foldable in months. market.

The Escobar Fold 2 design is practically the same as the Galaxy Fold, including a 4.6-inch external screen that opens to reveal a 7.3-inch tablet screen with the same type of cutout in the upper right corner to house in this case, a camera only.

The main difference in price, as all other components are very similar to Samsung's product. Escobar Fold 2 is now available and the company has announced that it will maintain an initial production of 200,000 units. CEO Olof Gustafsson said in a note that his company plans to start shipping Escobar Fold 2 in March, with the company hoping to "sell at least 100,000 units next week".

When asked about the striking similarity between his smartphone and Samsung's, Gustafsson commented:

"We have taken the course that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We are using assembly plants similar to those used by Samsung and other large companies in Shenzen, mainland China and Hong Kong. Anyone can go to buy a replica of the Galaxy Fold. for less than $ 300 ".

Regarding the origin of the foldable smartphone, a press release from the company says that it was designed in the United States and assembled in Hong Kong.

Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, brother of Pablo Escobar and founder of Escobar Inc., in a press release commented that he wants to become one of the biggest players in the tech market by 2020.

"We are bringing this line top market to everyone, under our brand. Not everyone can pay for flights to China just to buy a phone", writes Gustafsson.

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