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Does prepaid credit card work? See how to use it on Black Friday 2018 | E-commerce

Prepaid and virtual cards are a good alternative for shopping safely on the Internet, especially on dates like Black Friday. A card of this type can be used in a disposable way, keeping the data of the conventional credit card intact when accessing sites that you are not used to buying. In addition, technology can be an easy way to purchase products in debt even if a website does not offer this payment option. Here is everything you need to know and where to get a prepaid or virtual credit card to use on Black Friday.

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Prepaid card can be safer solution to buy online Photo: Pond5Prepaid card can be safer solution to buy online Photo: Pond5

Prepaid card can be safer solution to buy online Photo: Pond5

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Although it operates in online purchases in the credit function, a prepaid card is essentially a debit card that is not linked to a bank account. Instead of debiting purchases from the bank, it is more common that it charges the amount of a balance fed by the user. Like a prepaid cell phone, a card of this type must be pre-loaded before it can be used. Currently, services allow recharges in several ways, such as online transfers or payment slips.

In some cases, when the prepaid card offered by your bank, the purchase goes to the conventional credit card bill. In other situations, the transaction depends on an amount deposited in the card balance.

In addition to not requiring a bank account, the advantage of a prepaid card is security. It is possible to generate numbers of disposable cards online, to use in just one purchase. In this way, you can insert your virtual plastic data on any website without putting your information at risk. If the payment server is hacked, for example, the hacker will not be able to use your card for new purchases.

Prepaid cards can also be an alternative to paying something in debt when a store does not offer this means of payment. Simply reload the card by bank transfer and buy online using the credit function.

Virtual or prepaid card does not necessarily depend on a bank account Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudoVirtual or prepaid card does not necessarily depend on a bank account Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudo

Virtual or prepaid card does not necessarily depend on a bank account Photo: Barbara Mannara / TechTudo

Another positive point is the possibility to activate the subscription service tasting period with the certainty that you will not be charged when the test is over. Platforms such as Netflix, for example, that offer 30 free days as long as you enter a card number, can be used without having to remember to cancel your account if you choose not to become a frequent subscriber. To do this, simply ensure that the balance is zero. On Black Friday, the function can be used, for example, to book hotels on Booking at a tempting price.

The main limitation of prepaid cards is the impossibility of making installment purchases. Although the online store recognizes the card in the credit function, the operation is done at once, as if it were in debt. In general, the site accuses lack of limit when the user tries to install a purchase with a prepaid card. The installment payment does not work even if there is a sufficient limit on the card balance.

Another negative point is the lack of points programs and other advantages offered by credit operators. Thus, it is not possible to book prepaid purchases to accumulate miles unless it is linked to a conventional credit card from your bank.

In addition to the purchase price itself, services that offer prepaid cards usually charge usage fees. The modalities vary according to the contracted solution: it can be a monthly fee, or a fee per transaction. In the case of prepaid services offered by banks, it is common that the use is already included in the basket of services in the current account. The tip is to check the cost of prepaid before reloading to prevent the purchase on Black Friday going out for a higher price than planned.

The main banks and the Nubank virtual digital card offer cards for online purchases. The credit cards Mastercard and Visa also have a prepaid solution, ideal for use on the Internet. Another option is ContaSuper, one of the pioneers of prepaid cards in Brazil.

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