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Coronavirus outbreak makes search for Plague Inc. game shoot in app stores

The game Plague Inc. shows how an infectious disease can spread around the world and has already gained notoriety since last week thanks to the Coronavirus

The outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, which has become prominent worldwide since last week, brought consequences that go beyond health and the emergency situation in the cities where the disease began to manifest itself. The game Plague Inc., available for both smartphones and computers, has become very popular since then.

Players seek to understand a little more about the outbreak of infectious diseases, and this has led him to rise to the top of the most downloaded applications, in addition to the increase in visits to the site.

Plague Inc., the game of infections

In Plague Inc., the player manages to control a deadly pathogen that aims to spread around the world to end humanity. But, despite the diversity that Plague it can bring, many people become even more interested in it when there is a real risk of pathogen outbreaks.

The company responsible for the game itself, Ndemic Creations, stated that, although launched in 2012, they only notice this increase in popularity when there is a case of disease that begins to spread in real life. It happened during the Ebola outbreak in Africa in 2014, where downloads increased by 50% at the time.

Now how Coronavirus, it happens again. Plague Inc. has become the most downloaded paid app on the App Store recently and one of the 50 most downloaded when paired with free ones. The game reached the mark on January 21 and has not yet left its place.

In Plague Inc. the player controls a deadly pathogen that spreads around the worldIn Plague Inc. the player controls a deadly pathogen that spreads around the world

But popularity did not just happen in China. Plague Inc. is also at the top of the most downloaded paid apps on iOS since January 23 in the United States. The number of players in the computer version has also seen a considerable increase of 169% in the last 30 days.

This interest was so significant that the game's official website was overwhelmed with the amount of access at the same time and the servers even had a downfall for not supporting the amount.

James Vaughn, founder of Ndemic Creations, said that:

People are curious about these things and want to know more about infectious diseases. Plague Inc. plays its part because it takes a smart look at how these infectious diseases can spread.

James Vaughn, founder of Ndemic Creations

Game for fun, no information

Despite the increased interest in the game and the curiosity to understand more about the Coronavrus outbreak, it is important to note that Plague Inc. It is not an official source of information. The company responsible for the game itself has already stated that it is not a scientific tool to model the outbreak of a disease.

Please remember that Plague Inc. is a game, not a scientific model, and the current Coronavirus outbreak is a very real situation that is impacting a huge number of people. We recommend that players inquire directly with local or general health authorities.

James Vaughn, founder of Ndemic Creations

But even then, the game is not entirely useless in terms of educating people in any way. O Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in 2013 that Plague Inc. brings an interesting way of promoting care and teaching the public a little more about disease outbreaks around the world. Download the game for iPhone and Android.

In order to have accurate information on how to stay safe, it is advisable to look for competent authorities.