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Concept for iOS 12 imagines, once again, how grouping notifications would be

With the proximity of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year, several users / designers start to disseminate their conceptual ideas with suggestions for the next version of Apple's operating systems and software in general.

After the concept that rethought the Apple Music interface, it was time to analyze the idea behind this new concept notifications on iOS.

Matt Birchler concept for iOS 12 notifications

Leaving the quality of the concept aside, let's look at the idea behind the production, which reimagines the iOS 12 Notification Center. For the creator, Matt Birchler, the grouping of similar notifications or the same application is something he would like to see on Ma's next mobile operating system.

Matt Birchler concept for iOS 12 notifications

At the top of the display, Birchler suggested that the space used for the hours should not occupy almost half of the screen, as is currently the case. Thus, he placed the hours in the upper left corner and horribly added the temperature in the upper right part of the screen.

Matt Birchler concept for iOS 12 notifications

Regarding the grouped notifications, Birchler inferred that this feature contributes so that the user does not get lost while going through the Blocked Screen or the Notification Center. In concept, he illustrated four messages from two people in just one notification, allowing you to clear all alerts or press to view each notification individually.

Matt Birchler concept for iOS 12 notifications

Another suggestion by Birchler makes reference to the order in which the notifications are presented. For him, the user should be able to choose between viewing the main notifications first or maintaining the chronological order that has always been used.

The author himself described that the concept comes close to what is seen today on Android and that it would be difficult to imagine Apple implementing these changes exactly as they were illustrated by him.

Matt Birchler concept for iOS 12 notifications

Personally, I was thrilled to imagine this grouping taking the form admitted by the author. However, soon we will get to know the new iOS and what news will be implemented by Ma on the mobile system.

via 9to5Mac

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