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BlackBerry phones will no longer be sold in 2020

BlackBerry has partnered with TCL since 2016

Despite being forgotten by many people, cell phones with the BlackBerry brand still exist. However, that should change soon: the Canadian company announced on Monday, 3, on its Twitter account, that sales of the devices will be closed on August 30 this year, after the end of the partnership with TCL. In recent years, the Chinese manufacturer has licensed the brand and was responsible for bringing smartphones from BlackBerry back on the market with the Android operating system.

"We regret to share that, on August 31, 2020, TCL no longer sells BlackBerry branded mobile devices," the company said in a note posted on Twitter. "TCL no longer has the rights to design, manufacture or sell new BlackBerry mobile devices." BlackBerry did not make it clear whether its devices could be sold in the future even without the partnership with TCL.

The company also said that TCL will continue to support existing BlackBerry models on the market until August 31, 2022. The brand's last model was the BlackBerry Key2 LE, launched two years ago.

BlackBerry had partnered with TCL since 2016. Before that, BlackBerry manufactured devices using its own operating system. At the height of the brand, with its charming keyboards, the company came to control about 50% of the smartphone market in the United States and 20% globally the device was even the darling of former US President Barack Obama. However, the launch of touchscreen smartphones hurt BlackBerry devices to death.

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