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Banco Itaú starts releasing debit cards on Apple Pay

O Banco Ita was a pioneer in adopting the Apple Pay in Brazil, but ended up being overtaken by Bradesco and Banco do Brasil which, although arriving later, already support some debit cards (Visa debit cards, in the case of Bradesco, and credit cards combo Visa, at BB).

Now the MacMagazine began to receive information that Banco Ita would also be beginning to release the use of debit cards on Apple Pay. Readers Flavio Staudohar and Cadu Fernandes already see the option in the bank's app, but are unable to complete the activation for now:

Banco Ita debit card on Apple Pay

In both cases, however, the cards are Mastercard, which may be an indication of why they were unable to do so, since both Bradesco and BB support Visa exclusive debit cards.

In fact, there are already reports shared by the @ApplePayBR profile on Twitter (1, 2) of Visa do Ita debit cards being successfully activated. But there is also the support for Mastercard to enter the game soon.

When Apple Pay arrived at Bradesco and BB, we expected to see some of its expansions taking place in October, which unfortunately did not happen. Soon, both banks are expected to support the Elo banner, while Bradesco will also include Next, additional and multiple cards. We are waiting

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