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Apple is hiring several chip engineers in Qualcomm's San Diego land

We have been following the disputes that Apple has had with Qualcomm in courts around the world, which culminated in all 4G / LTE iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches launched this year using only Intel modems.

As we approach the arrival of 5G technology, doubts begin to hover over the path that Apple will follow: it can maintain the partnership with Intel, start using (also?) modems from MediaTek or even, will you know, resolve the disputes with Qualcomm and go back to using your chips.

That last option is increasingly distant and now another new factor has emerged in history. According to Bloomberg found, Apple is hiring several wireless chip engineers in San Diego (California), right there in Qualcomm's backyard.

Having said that, it is difficult to say whether she is simply bringing to her team professionals who will work together with their partners on these chips or, going further, if she has practical intentions of also starting to design and manufacture her own 5G modems as she already does with numerous other components used in iGadgets.

Apple already has some experience in developing its own wireless chips, such as the W1 and W2 used in AirPods, Beats headphones and Apple Watches (which are based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). Obviously, a cellular communication modem is another story, but we will continue to monitor the progress of all this.

Just a week ago, reports emerged that, contrary to what was recently imagined, Apple * would not * be negotiating with Qualcomm and was actually preparing for the trial. Both companies seem to be quite irreducible, so it is up to the outsider to decide.

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