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Apple deal with Amazon will hurt hundreds of small merchants

Ten days ago, we talked about a newly formed agreement between Apple and Amazon that would finally give Ma an official presence in the world's largest retailer starting in the coming weeks, only Apple itself and its authorized resellers will be able to sell their products in Amazon stores in several countries, including the USA.

Overall, the deal is very good for consumers, who can take advantage of Amazon's benefits (such as the Prime plan, for example) and continue to enjoy the after-sales policies of Apple and its partners. One aspect, however, was overlooked: that of current, unauthorized dealers.

THE CNET today published an article talking about small business owners or repair shop owners without official ties to Apple who, with Amazon's policy change, will lose an important source of income as we explained in the post quoted above, these dealers will have until the beginning January to sell all your items still stored in Amazon sheds; what is not sold will be returned to them and their sales can only be resumed if their business becomes authorized by Apple.

One of the stories highlighted in the report is that of Page Weil, an engineer from the US state of Colorado who started selling used and refurbished Apple products, like old keyboards and iMacs, collected at his repair shop. Over the past year, he generated gross revenue of about $ 300,000, with a net profit of $ 40,000 in providential money to pay for major surgery his wife had to undergo and other family expenses.

With the changes in the rules of the game, Weil and hundreds of other small dealers will have to find other ways to market Apple products or leave the company. EBay has already mobilized to try to attract this group of suddenly abandoned resellers, and to offer some benefits such as sponsored advertisements and free hosting; still, nothing compares to the support and visibility given by business on Amazon, which owns almost 50% of the US electronic retail.

This is not the first time that Amazon has made such a move: last year, a similar agreement was signed with Nike, causing a horde of unauthorized resellers of the sports giant to lose their space on the site and have to bow to options less advantageous or the process to become official partners of the company which is often not possible, since companies the size of Nike (or Apple) are only interested in bringing under their wings resellers with a much higher volume of sales .

Returning to Weil's situation, the engineer stated that he always thought about the possibility of an agreement with Apple that would take him out of the picture, but he imagined that such an event would be accompanied by greater support or help from Amazon, something that did not happen even after the most of $ 80,000 in retailer-paid fees over the past three years. "Sell until we decide to kick you out" as he classifies the behavior of the giant Jeff Bezos.

Now, Weil and hundreds more (or thousands) of unauthorized retailers will have to find other ways to market their Ma products. We hope the story ends well for everyone.

via 9to5Mac

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