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Andy Rubin, Head of Android, praises Apple in presenting Android 3.0

During the demonstration of Android 3.0 at the All Things website's Dive Into Mobile conference, Andy Rubin, a well-known Android boss, was inevitably asked about his view of Apple.

"I think everyone is embracing the iPhone," said Rubin as he compared the new product to the iPhone. "I think Apple makes great products and focuses on a robust consumer experience and consistency across applications"

?More recently, I see them getting involved on another end of the mobile spectrum than services, the App Store, iTunes, etc. I think that when you move into the service business, it creates a lot of new opportunities. If the operating system is shaving, then the services are the blades ?.

Asked if Apple has the service business capability in its DNA, Rubin replied: "My guess is that Apple is a company that learns from its mistakes."