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β†ͺ In addition to iMacs, mini Macs have also increased in price in Brazil [atualizado]

Mac mini

This morning Apple updated its line of iMacs and took the opportunity to increase all their prices in Brazil, in parts we imagine due to the recent high of the dollar. However, even without Mini macs, she also raised their prices. The entry model jumped from R $ 2,500 to R $ 2,800, the intermediate from R $ 3,400 to R $ 3,800 and the top-of-the-line, with OS X Server, went from R $ 4,200 to R $ 4,700. And we thought it was already bad: – /

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Update · 09/26/2013 s 11:58

According to the 9to5Mac, Apple also raised prices for mini Macs in countries like Australia, Portugal and Malia. Interestingly, the machines are yet to receive an upgrade this year, as they use Intel's ?Ivy Bridge? processors from the past generation.

New Mac miniMac mini

Price: from R $ 2,799.00 (or 12x without interest of R $ 233.25)Verses: traditional and with OS X ServerCurrent generation: October 2012.

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