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WWDC18 participants will have a special Apple Watch challenge

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The challenges of Apple Watch they have already become a kind of tradition among users of the watch. Turn and move paints one the last one was Earth Day. Now, Ma has prepared one more for the developers who will participate in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018. This one, however, works very differently from the others we've seen.

How to participate

Normally, all you need to do to participate in such a challenge is to fulfill the goal set by Apple in the case of the Earth Day challenge, for example, it was necessary to do any exercise of 30 or more minutes to win the medal and the stickers of the iMessage.

In the WWDC18 challenge, however, you will need to download a specific app to participate. Upon entering it, you request the code / invitation (you can do it also on the website) and register with an account of the Lose It! Service. Then, type in your weight to find out what your new calorie burning goal will be for the challenge.

Challenges - Compete, Get Fit app icon

Remember to change your movement goal in the Activity app to the same value. To do this, just open the Activity app on the Apple Watch, press the screen outside, touch the option ?Change Movement Goal? and set the desired value.

You then need to choose whether you want to create a team, join a specific team or randomly join a team that needs participants, all teams are made up of four people. Then, allow the Challenges app to read / write data in the Health app and check the data during the week to see if you are receiving the proper credits for your exercises.

How it works

By taking part in the challenge, you will earn points every day from 12 noon on 6/6 (Sunday) to 11:59 pm on 6/6 (Thursday), as long as you use your Apple Watch and close the Activity app rings. A, you will have to work with your team of four to earn as many points as you can. If everyone on your team closes the day rings, you will receive team bonus points (in addition to the individual bonus points).

Participants who earn 200 points or more during the challenge will receive a reward on Friday, June 8, at the McEnery Convention Center.

Scoring rules


You will earn 1 point for every 1/12 of the movement ring you complete (the target is generated according to the person's weight, as we talked about above), with the movement ring limited to 36 points.


The exercise ring measures how many minutes of intense activity you have completed. Every minute of movement equaling or exceeding the intensity of a brisk walk counts towards your daily goal. Any activity below the intensity of a brisk walk counts only for your daily goal of movement.

You will earn 1 point for every 1/12 of the exercise ring you complete, being limited to 36 points (90 minutes).

Stay in P

The standing ring measures how much you have moved for at least 1 minute in 1 hour. The participant earns 1 point for each 1/12 of the ring, being limited to 14 points (remaining for 1 minute per hour for 14 hours).

Activity app rings


An individual participant earns an extra 12 points if he closes all 3 rings on the same day. This applies to just 1 time a day and no additional points are awarded for closing a ring more than once (two turns, for example).

If another person on the team also closes all 3 rings on the same day, you will receive 4 bonus points for each team member who also closes all 3 rings on that day, with a maximum of 12 bonus points per day.

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On the challenge page there are other important information about teams (how to join / leave one), use of the app (it has a complication and a display, for example), goals (an exclamation point appears if your movement goal in the Apple Watch is smaller than the one established by the app), among other things that you need to pay attention to if you are going to participate in WWDC18 and the challenge.

It is definitely not a common challenge; as we can see, it requires some preparation and attention during the week of the event. Still, it is still legal for two reasons: 1. health-related challenges are always welcome; and 2. who here doesn't like to win a prize? ?

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