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Windows Phone 7: a new start for Microsoft

Restarting the project"The Microsoft team refers to December 2008 as" The Reset "- the month that the company killed all the advances in its Windows phone project and started over again. It was a profound measure at Microsoft in which it revealed the employees interviewed by Wired but everyone was unanimous in calling it a good thing ?

Focus shift

"The team's psychologist was," Here's an OEM saying it wants to sell a million phones, "said Belfiore, reflecting on the previous mobile strategy. (OEMs are ?original equipment manufacturers? – Computer and phone manufacturers who have been the backbone of Microsoft's customer base for more than three decades) ?Formerly the main customer was the OEM. Now the target is the person (who owns the phone). ?

About Android

?Belfiore was not shy about criticizing Google Android OS. Although Google already dominates the mobile operating system market, its Android operating system licensing strategy for manufacturers is similar to Microsoft's previous approach with Windows Mobile: open, and there are few restrictions on how manufacturers can use or modify the operating system ? .

?As a result, Android is suffering from some of the same problems as Windows Mobile: Android works better on some phones than others, manufacturers are shipping different versions of the operating system on different phones, some Android phones are distributed with changes made by carriers, and some developers complain that it is difficult to make the software because of the hardware and fragmentation of the operating system. ?

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