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These are some of the new emojis planned for this and next year

Annually, a new version of Unicode launched with new emojis and, together with the launch, proposals for the next year are also appearing.

O Emojipedia reported today that, on June 5, companies will be able to launch their own versions of the new emojis that will accompany the Unicode 11.0. Just as we have already published, in this wave it becomes a kangaroo, a ball of softball, extinguisher, men and women with gray, red hair and a black superman, in addition to faces in a party atmosphere, frozen, with three hearts around the face and more.

In addition to this year's emojis, the site also released a list of likely emojis that will arrive in the Unicode 12.0, in 2019. The two most requested I do not know why they are flamingo and white heart, which possibly will be in the next year. Along with them, you can also reach: diving mask, ax, waffle, diya lamp and Hindu temple, and many others.

This list also included some emojis representing elements of accessibility (people in wheelchairs, a guide, among others), as Apple proposed in March.

Below, you can see some mockups based on Apple?s emoji style, each company represents the elements in different ways.

Unicode Concepts 12 2019

Next Monday (4/6), Apple will announce the next versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS on WWDC18 and the full coverage you can see here on MacMagazine. As Ma usually does, operating systems will be made available to the public around September, and should already bring Unicode 11.0 emojis.

Other social media companies and messaging apps are also expected to support the new faces by the end of this year.

via MacRumors