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Mascot of the new version of Android arrives to decorate the Google office in Mountain View

Anyone who follows the growth of Google's mobile operating system, knows that the company always gives versions of Android names, say, strangers. Version 1.5, for example, was called Cupcake. Donut was the name given verse 1.6. Version 2.1 was called Eclair. Finally, came to Froyo, version 2.2 and newer of Android. The company, which is known for its peculiarities, always places in the gardens of its headquarters in Montain View, giant versions of the logo of each version.

As you can see in the video below, Google employees placed another doll in the company's gardens: Gingerbread. Also known as Cookie Man, the little figure, which became known worldwide through the series of animations Shrek, the mascot of Android version 3.0, which also bears his name. 🙂