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Lost Island is a puzzle-filled adventure game for Candy Crush fans

At first glance, Lost Island looks more like a puzzle game based on classic trays with colored pieces to fit and cancel, popularized by titles like Candy Crush or Puzzle Quest. But these mini-games are just a small part of the adventure, which puts the player on a paradise island to explore. The jungles and beaches are haunted by ancient spirits, which keep mysterious secrets.

Another component of the game is the construction of buildings, as well as beaches, gardens, jungles and other elements that players can characterize to their liking. Many of the sites were destroyed by monsters, such as the port, which was attacked by a gigantic octopus, and the protagonist ends up looking for the resources to rebuild it.

The island also allows exploration, as there are secrets and treasures to be found, in order to collect enough money to invest in more buildings. The protagonist is called Ellie, an archelogue who tries to find the oldest artifacts hidden on the island, which is accompanied by a nice seal.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android versions.

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