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Itaú keyboard allows you to transfer any app on iOS

With this wave of mobile payments, it is increasingly easy to make transactions directly on our smartphones. Large companies, of course, are always attentive to this movement and also want to exploit it.

Banco Ita, in addition to being the first to work with Apple Pay in Brazil, has now brought yet another very welcome news: the Ita Keyboard.

Ita customers can enable the keyboard and use it to make transfers directly from it. This means that, no matter what application you are in, once you press the keyboard, you can send a sum of money to your friends or anyone else without leaving that specific app (like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, for example) .

This measure adopted by the bank seems quite right, since 80% of its customers' transactions come from digital channels, such as its app and internet banking.

The intention, however, is to actually facilitate transfers, which means that you will still need to go to the main app if you want to access any other function, such as viewing your balance and other resources.

Users of both Android and iOS can take advantage of this novelty. Just follow the steps as below (video well "Apple-like"):

The feature, which is present in the bank's own app, is free, but fees will be applied normally depending on the type of transfer you make and the type of account you have. That is, in practice as if you were using the same app as Ita, but in a more practical way and without stopping what you are doing.

While we wait for features like payment via WhatsApp or even Apple Pay transfers in the Messages app, this keyboard will be a hand in the wheel! It is already available in version 6.4.6 of the Ita 30 horas application.

Banco Itaú app icon - your in-app account

via Tecnoblog

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