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HTC plans to bring Desire HD and Desire Z to Brazil [Exclusivo]

To replace the legacy of HTC Magic, the first Android smartphone in Brazil (and the company's only one for 1 year), HTC Brazil is planning to bring two new devices: the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z.

The two new models will strengthen the HTC Sense concept and focus on the consumer, in addition to presenting other new innovations, including a series of connected services such as, which intensifies users' mobile experience with HTC devices.

Although the company does not officially confirm the prediction of the arrival of the models in Brazil, a Google Discovery source (the same one that confirmed the HTC Magic last year) reported that the company is "running out of time" to bring its news to the end of the year.

?We are currently finalizing the last details to put these two devices on the market by October. Our intention is to offer the best devices and be the first manufacturer to bring Android 2.2 to the Brazilian market ?said our source (who prefers not to identify himself) in an exclusive contact to the blog.