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Google Nexus S can be used for payments

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, said the company is currently working on a new phone that comes equipped with a chip capable of allowing its owner to make payments.

Although he avoided any details about the manufacturer, Schmidt revealed during a lecture at the Fair 2.0 in So Francisco, California, that the successor to Google's Nexus One, will be equipped with the ?Gingerbread? version of Android and a chip, whose function carry out financial transactions.

?I have here a product that has not yet been announced. This device is capable of shopping ?. ?Essentially, it is for everything and someday to replace credit cards. In the industry, what we call ?touch and pay? (?touch and pay? in English), ?he said.

The chips will store consumers' personal data and these could be store readers, for example, supporting the phone on a platform.

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