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Federal Revenue is auctioning several iPhones from R $ 900

Turn and move, the IRS holds auctions with products seized at Brazilian customs offices (for failure to pay due taxes or any other reasons). Now, another type event is taking place this time, with items held at the port and airport of Fortaleza (CE).

As usual in these auctions, several of the lots offered by the Federal Revenue Service contain iPhones, which can be purchased from whatever else is included in the package at lower prices than the market. Below, we list all the lots made available by the agency that contain some Ma smartphone:

Lot numberMinimum bid
#1Golden 32GB iPhone 7R $ 1,320
#2iPhone 6 32GB space gray, case and accessoriesR $ 1,000
# 3 | # 4Golden 32GB iPhone 7, case and accessoriesR $ 1,300
# 5iPhone 7 Plus 32GB rose gold, case and accessoriesR $ 1,300
# 6iPhone 6s 16GBRelgio Invicta model 23629R $ 1,200
# 7iPhone 6s 16GBRelgio Invicta Model 17883R $ 1,200
# 8iPhone 6sRelgio Invicta model 23650R $ 1,200
# 9 | # 1016GB iPhone 6sR $ 900
# 11iPhone 6s PlusR $ 1,200
# 13iPhone (model not specified), charger, cable and phonePerfume Carolina HerreraRelgio Invicta model 17881R $ 1,200
# 14iPhone 7 PlusRelgio Invicta model 10369R $ 1,100
# 21iPhone 6s 16GB rose goldR $ 1,100
# 235 units of iPhone 6s 16GB2 units of iPhone 6 32GB5 units of iPhone 6s Plus space gray 5 units of iPhone 6s Plus 16GB gold5 units of iPhone 6s 16GBiPhone 7 Plus silveriPhone 6s Plus goldiPhone 7 Plus blackiPhone 6s rose goldR $ 14,000
# 246 16GB iPhone 6 unitsR $ 4,000

All lots made available by the Federal Revenue for this auction can be checked at this link.

You can register your bid on the agency's website which can be any amount above the minimum amount stipulated for each lot until the end of this Monday (11/26). From tomorrow, at 11 am, a virtual public session will verify the legal and fiscal regularity of the proposers; from there, start the bidding stage on the internet, where only those whose proposals were approved by the IRS participate.

Individuals can participate in the auction, as long as they have a CPF and a valid digital certificate to access the eCAC (Virtual Service Center for the Federal Revenue) system, the platform through which bids are made. It is always good to remember that products purchased may be intended for personal use only (that is, they cannot be resold) and have no warranty.

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