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Deals of the day on the App Store: Super Vectorizer, Flight Update Pro, LEGO Harry Potter and more!

Check out our traditional selection of promos in App Stores, this eve of WWDC!

O Super Vectorizer a powerful image tool and, once again, our highlight of the day.

Super Vectorizer app icon - Image to Vector Graphic

Nota on the App Store

My grade

The app is a professional vector drawing utility, which allows you to convert images in bitmap format (JPEG, BMP, PNG) to vector graphics. Check out the video below and understand a little more about it:

After completing the work, the result can be used by several applications in AI, SVG and PDF formats. Enjoy the beautiful discount!

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Below are other applications / games that together add up to more than R $ 115 in discounts:

IOS Apps

Flight Update Pro app icon

Excellent utility for flights.

Sana - Travel Camera app icon

More photo resources.

Proverbs & Sayings Master app icon

Educational application.

MacOS apps

Sorry, app not found.

Game of the most famous resident of Hogwarts.

Flight Unlimited 2K17 app icon

Flight simulator.

File-Sorter app icon: Sort, Organize and Copy thousands of files with a single click

Utility for files.

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Take advantage of the promotions remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! and have a great weekend. ?