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Confirmed: Itaú debit cards will be accepted soon at Apple Pay!

Last week, we reported that some users of the Apple Paycustomers Banco Ita, managed to register their debit cards (at that time, only Visa) in Apple's payment service.

Until then, as we mentioned, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil were the only ones that supported some debit cards (PoupCard Visa debit cards, in the case of Bradesco, and cards combo Visa, at BB).

Today, Ita confirmed to us that soon it will even start accepting debit cards!

The bank has not confirmed it, but everything suggests that both Visa and Mastercard debit cards will be accepted most of the debit cards issued by the Mastercard bank; only former Unibanco customers have Visa debit cards, so we were informed.

As always, our support is that not only debit cards, but additional cards and even other flags (Elo and AMEX, for example, used by Bradesco and BB) will also be supported on Apple Pay without speaking, course, the arrival of new banks and fintechs to the service, something essential for the growth of the platform!

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