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Charles Michel de l'Epe: Google celebrates pioneer in deaf education | Internet

French educator Charles Michel de l'Epe is honored by Google this Saturday (24). He is responsible for founding the first public school for the deaf. To celebrate Epe's birthday, which was born in Versailles on November 24, 1712, the Doodle that replaces the traditional search engine logo consists of an animated illustration with children forming the name of Google in the manual alphabet.

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Charles Michel de l'Epe honored in Google Doodle Photo: Divulgao / Google

Charles Michel de l'Epe honored in Google Doodle Photo: Divulgao / Google

At a time when people with hearing impairments were considered unable to learn, the educator developed a visual method that became the basis for teaching the deaf. Thus, Epe contributed to undo this prejudice and changed the lives of many people.

The French wrote: Every deaf person sent to us has a language. He has a habit of using it and understands others who use it. With it, he expresses his needs, desires, doubts, pains and so on, and does not make mistakes when others express themselves in the same way.

Who was Charles Michel de l'Epe

Son of an architect, he studied theology and law and then dedicated his life to helping the poorest. His interest in deaf people came when he started giving private lessons to two deaf sisters who lived in the slums of Paris and communicated through their own sign language. In 1760, he used his inheritance to found the Institution Nationale des Sourds-Muets Paris (National Institute of the Deaf-Mute in Paris, in free translation). The school catered for anyone, whether or not they could afford it.

The institution remains open today, with government funding, and is now called the Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris (National Institute for Young Deafs in Paris).

pe was recognized by the French National Assembly as a "Benefactor of Humanity". The rights of the deaf were guaranteed in the country by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of France.

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