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Casa da Moeda has one million euros for innovation. Applications from February 1st

Promoted by the INCM Lab, innovation department of the National Press Casa da Moeda, the third edition of the IN3 Innovation Prize starts today, January 31. The award is aimed at researchers, whether national or international, who are part of INCM's innovation network, currently constituted by 20 universities and research centers. The areas focused on are production and materials technologies, nanotechnology, ICT, robotics and automation, in a network with the contribution of hundreds of researchers.

All candidate entities can submit proposals, if they wish to work in collaboration with INCM, within their corporate vision and mission, while they must apply to activities that integrate their social objective. To this end, on the application website are listed some examples, such as authentication solutions, with security elements; production of identification and travel documents or production of metallic currency, among others.

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In a statement, INCM points out that in the two previous editions five projects were recognized, in areas such as Industry 4.0 and New Materials, which are already under development. Considering the success of previous editions, the organization decided to raise the bar for the prize that can go up to one million for the winners.

During the kick-off event, to take place at the Museu do Dinheiro, considering the beginning of the acceptance of applications from February 1st, INCM will hold a small exhibition of projects and solutions that intend to be innovative. The event will be attended by Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, Economy and Transio Digital, and Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

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