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As expected, CPU performance gains for the new MacBooks Pro Retina were modest

We?ve seen how new MacBooks Pro with Retina display used some graphical performance tests, but how about we see one more, this one focused on the processing power of the CPU (central processing unit, or central processing unit)?

Below, comparative results include the new 13-inch MacBooks Pro Retina, past generations and why not? the new MacBooks Air (launched in the middle of the year), made by Primate Labs.

For those who don't know, the tool Geekbench 3 evaluates the performance of processors and memories higher results are better, with double the score indicating double the performance. But as Apple has not touched the memory of the new machines (they are still 1600MHz DDR3, as well as the MBPs of the past generation), the focus this time on the CPU.

Benchmark - MacBook Pro Retina 13

Here, earnings range from 2% to 4% and ?just? 5% faster than the new MacBooks Air, nothing very relevant.

Benchmark - MacBook Pro Retina 13

In the heavier models, the difference from the Pro to the Air reaches 13%.

Benchmark - MacBook Pro Retina 15

Here the numbers are the same as for the smaller brother: gains between 2% and 4%.

Benchmark - MacBook Pro Retina 15

For top-of-the-line, the difference is a little more relevant, reaching 10%.

What is interesting about these gains is that they come from processors with lower frequencies (for example, 2.6 GHz vs. 2.8 GHz for high-end models). These frequencies are somewhat misleading, as they are ?base frequencies?. Processors are capable of ?boosting? frequencies, raising them when necessary. Operating at a lower frequency as a standard helps to save energy.

John Poole, Primate Labs.

For Poole, the modest gains are completely normal because, as in the Air update, Apple's focus was not on CPU performance, but on improvements in other areas such as battery life, graphic performance, yes, with good gains, among other differentials like Thunderbolt 2 ports, Wi-Fi Gigabit (IEEE 802.11ac), PCIe SSDs, among other things.

MacBook Pro thumbnail with Retina displayMacBook Pro with Retina display

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