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Apple may expand its ad network in partnership with Pinterest, Snapchat and others

Apple's ad business model, Search Ads, still quite small compared to other segments of the company. Who knows, precisely because of this, Ma is planning improvements for him. And one of them we can see now, already in Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ma is planning an expansion of the digital advertising platform and has been talking with big apps, like Snapchat and Pinterest, about the project. The idea is to distribute advertisements within these apps, sharing the revenue (in a division that should vary from application to application). That is, in addition to displaying advertisements for applications in the search for the App Store, developers / companies could include such advertisements in the search results of the apps themselves.

Search Ads

On Pinterest, for example, the user could search for "curtains" or "sofas" and be impacted by an application focused on interior design; on Snapchat, users who search for ?NFL? or ?NBA? could be impacted by ticket reseller applications.

Apple's ad business currently has annual revenue close to $ 1 billion, so an expansion like that would certainly be most welcome to further increase that number. And, being a subject that directly involves developers, it could very well be something addressed in the opening keynote of WWDC18. wait and see.

via AppleInsider

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