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App turns iPhone X into a 3D tracking camera to capture facial expressions

The new camera system TrueDepth, implemented on the iPhone X, allows the smartphone to analyze and project 30,000 invisible points to create a depth map of the user's face, whether to unlock the device, make purchases and payments, or send the famous Animojis through the Messages application.

With the spread of facial scanning technology on the iPhone X, developers are expanding the uses and possibilities of the hardware used by the device, as done by Bannaflak in the app Face Cap.

Face Cap - Motion Capture app icon

The software allows the user to record facial movements using the iPhone X's 3D front camera, capturing a range of data, including: the position of the face, more than 50 different facial expressions, eye tracking and even audio.

All data can be compiled into an FBX ASCII file (FBX are binary files that contain 3D information; ASCII is the FBX text format), which are exported to editing programs such as Autodesk Maya and also animation software, such as LightWave 3D.

In addition, integration with iOS's native sharing mode makes it possible to send the file directly to online storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

For best results with Face Cap, the developer shared some tips on how to handle the device during recording, including supporting the iPhone on a base or holding the device firmly, do not get too far or get too close to the device and avoid looking too much at up, down, or sideways.

The data obtained with Face Cap can be used for the creation of games, animations and in special effects techniques. Obviously, the data obtained with the app is not enough for the final production of a project, but it can be a hand in the wheel for people who are unable to purchase equipment that is sometimes extremely expensive for facial mapping.

On the app's website, some files are available in FBX format to be tested by users. Face Cap is available for iOS for free. Remembering that, to record facial movements, it is necessary to have an iPhone X.

tip from @drbello, via CG Channel

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