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Android rob presented at Google Developer Day Japan

The Google Developer Day Japan started in Tokyo yesterday. Following the same molds of the Brazilian version, the event brought together hundreds of geeks to promote Google services and technologies.

But the Japanese GDD participants had a huge surprise in the exhibition area: an Android robot.

Much like the mascot of Google's mobile operating system, the little Android robot is 1.30m tall, weighs 14kg, has 15 joints, walks, talks and swings his arms. It, which runs the Android OS, can be controlled via Wi-Fi from any smartphone that also runs Android.

The Android RIC, as it was named by RT Corp, a specialist in the development of custom robots and a prototype manufacturer, took approximately 60 days to complete. Some steps of the assembly process and the tests carried out with it can be seen in the video below.

When watching RIC Android, plant geeks will surely remember R2-D2, the little Star Wars robot. :]

Via: CrunchGear