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Android brings Motorola back to blue

After reaching the bottom of the well in 2006, verging on a possible bankruptcy, Motorola returned to report profit for the first time in the last three years, exceeding even the market expectations that awaited the announcement only in the third quarter.

With the help of the Android operating system, developed in partnership with Google, Motorola was able to return to presenting more competitive devices on the market, putting the manufacturer back on track for innovation and consumer preference.

In the last quarter, Motorola sold 9.1 million cell phones, of which 3.8 million were smartphones. The expectation was 3.57 million units, according to six analysts consulted by Reuters.

The company's total profit rose to $ 109 million, or $ 0.05 a year, from $ 12 million, or $ 0.01 a year, a year earlier. Revenue rose 6% to $ 5.8 billion, compared to a Wall Street estimate of $ 5.66 billion.