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Anatel approves the new iPads 12.9 ″ [atualizado 2x: modelo de 11″ e Apple Pencil]

The National Telecommunications Agency today published the approvals of the Wi-Fi (A1876) and Wi-Fi + Cellular (A1895) models of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, launched by Apple at a special event held just under a month ago.

Here are the two Homologation Certificates:

"Anatel "Anatel

At the moment, documents and photos of the units sent for approval are not available in Anatel's systems, but they are, yes, officially released for sale in national territory.

The two 11-inch models of the iPad Pro have not yet appeared there either. That should happen very soon.

A few days ago, we also identified in the Anatel system the entry of a ?Cell Phone Battery Charger? identified by the model A1697. In the absence of documents and photos, the best we could do was to analyze the technical characteristics of the device and we came to the conclusion that it is most likely the new 18W USB-C charger that comes in the box with iPad Pro.

What's in the box for the new iPad Pro (18W charger)

Here is your Homologation Certificate:

Anatel approves 18W iPad Pro charger

Although still unavailable for purchase, the prices of the new iPad Pro in Brazil are already known. They range from R $ 6,800 for the 11 ? Wi-Fi model with 64GB to (breathe) R $ 15,600 for the 12.9 ? Wi-Fi + Cellular model with 1TB.

Update Nov 22, 2018 at 20:20

A few hours later, they also painted on Anatel's systems the 11 ? iPad Pro Wi-Fi model (A1980) and the Second generation Apple Pencil (A2051).

Here are their Homologation Certificates:

"Anatel "Anatel

Now, only the Wi-Fi + Cellular model of the 11 ? iPad Pro is missing.

Update II, by Eduardo Marques 11/23/2018 s 21:02

There, the iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 11 ? (model A1934) is duly approved. Below, his Homologation Certificate:

Anatel approves the new 11-inch iPad Pro

Now, everything is ready for the commercialization of the new models here. ?

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