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WWDC18: watchOS 5 brings improved Siri, better activity monitoring and (finally) a Walkie-Talkie app

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There is no doubt: health and well-being have become the great attraction of Apple Watch, and Apple knows this well, just see that the company started presenting the watchOS 5 with the story of a couple whose husband fell into cold water; while holding the husband, the wife used the Watch to call the emergency and thus managed to rescue him and save his life.

In this technique, the new watchOS 5 brings a series of new features that will help users to become more active and healthy. The first is an improvement of activity monitors, who are now able to capture their exercises and fill their activity rings with much more precision, the clock will now even suggest challenges automatically so that users remain motivated, and bring support to group challenges in a seven-day competition that includes notifications to let you know if you?re winning or losing the challenge.

In addition, watchOS 5 suggests starting and ending exercise recording automatically, which is great for those who forget to do so before entering the gym or the pool; new activities include yoga, trails and an improved one for external racing. There are also rhythm alerts for running, cadence (steps per minute) and other important information for athletes.

The new version of the system also brings a new app for Walkie-Talkie, which connects the user with other Apple Watch owners and connects them via a simple voice communication interface. Just press and hold the screen to speak; everything happens over Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G for those who have a compatible model. It is good to remember that this app arrives five years late (!), considering that it was shown initially in the presentation of the original Apple Watch and never came to show up until now.

Walkie-Talkie app on watchOS 5

O Siri dial it also gets news: now we have sports information, maps, heartbeat and much more, all from third-party apps. The digital assistant, incidentally, is enhanced in the clock: you will no longer have to say ?Hey, Siri? to activate it, just raise your arm and say what you want, directly. It also brings full support, of course, to the Shortcuts previously presented.

Notifications will also become more interactive on watchOS 5, with more information and quick actions available on the wrist. With integration WebKit in the new version of the system, it will also be possible to preview basic internet content not, this does not mean that the Apple Watch will win a full browser, but you can take a look at links and web content quickly before opening them in the iPhone or Mac. It can be practical!

WatchOS 5 brings to the clock, for the first time, a native app of Podcasts. In it, everything will be synchronized automatically, and integrate with Siri so that you can ask the assistant to play your favorite program.

App Podcasts on watchOS 5

Other several ?minor? features of watchOS 5, such as a Custom Control Center and support for student cards (available for both the watch and iPhones / iPads) were displayed quickly on the keynote screen, but without much information.

Student ID on watchOS 5

Of course, as we are in the month of LGBT + Pride, Apple also took the opportunity to present a new bracelet special for your watch, which also wins a display Special. ?

WatchOS 5 Pride dial and bracelet

WatchOS 5 will be available to all users in our spring (autumn in the northern hemisphere); a beta version of it will be available to developers today.

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