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WWDC18: tvOS 12 supports Dolby Atmos, Zero Sign-on and new screensavers

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THE WWDC18 also served as a stage for interesting news in the tvOS, operating system that equips the fourth generation Apple TV and 4K.

Apple TV had an annual growth of 50%, so clearly a segment in which Apple intends to invest. Not surprisingly, iTunes has the largest collection of 4K HDR movies on the planet, and movies purchased before were updated automatically and free of charge. There are also several TV programs / serials in 4K HDR available in the store and in third-party apps, which is why tvOS is gaining support for the Dolby Atmos sound system.

Instead of directing the sound to specific channels, Atmos moves the sound in a 3D environment so that the user has the best experience possible. Apple TV is the only device streaming with both Dolby Vision and Atmos. Like 4K HDR, Apple is bringing a variety of content in Dolby Atmos to iTunes and updating the entire user collection with it (for free).

The TV app, which combines content in an environment, is a big bet for Apple. In it we have movies, series, news, sports and everything in one place. There are more than 100 video channels already integrated with it and Apple is working with numerous companies around the world to integrate more and more live content and also on demand on Apple TV.

TV app on iPad and iPhone

But there is a big problem in all this: logging into each of these services separately is a very bad experience. Apple last year launched the Single Sign-on, which facilitates this; but now she is taking a step further with Zero Sign-on. You just need to be in a network of operators to automatically unlock access to content, without having to log in or anything, obviously, this will be gradually adopted by service providers.

Apple TV in iOS 12 Control Center

Apple is also integrating the TV with various home control systems. In tvOS 12, the system also shows where the beautiful ones are from screensavers embedded is a doubt that many people have every time these images appear on TV. It will also be possible to slide on the screen to move between screensavers and Apple is also bringing beautiful images of the Earth, filmed by astronauts at the International Space Station (including images of the Earth at night, with the cities well lit).

Earth Screensaver on tvOS 12

TvOS 12 will be available to all users in our spring (autumn in the northern hemisphere); a beta version of it will be available to developers today.

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