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WWDC18: make way for macOS Mojave, with Dark Mode, a new App Store and… iOS apps (in a way)

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The new version of macOS is here, and she leaves the mountains of the last four editions for a new place in California. O macOS Mojave pays homage to the desert of the American Southwest not only for its beauty during the day, but mainly for its night.

Yes, you already understood: one of the main novelties of the new system is the one so desperately awaited Dark Mode, which leaked a few days ago. The mode, of course, extends throughout the system, adapting applications, interface elements and animations. It was beautiful, it was very beautiful.

Dark Mode on macOS Mojave

In addition, macOS Mojave brings several new features in several areas. On the table (Desktop), the system brings a feature called "Stacks", which is a miracle for messy people who throw all their files on the desktop without distinction and turn it into a war zone. When activating the tool, the system automatically groups files by type (images, documents, spreadsheets, folders, etc.) and makes everything easily accessible on the right. Automatic organization at a click? I want.

O Finder, in turn, brings a new visualization mode that is really inspired by iOS called Galeria, which shows your files in icons on a lower merry-go-round and brings a huge preview, on top. A contextual sidebar shows data from the files, with EXIF ??metadata for photos, and also includes quick actions, such as rotating and marking images or including a watermark in Pages documents.

Stacks in the macOS Mojave Finder

J o Quick Look brings several basic editing features to itself: you can do basic image editing, digitally sign a PDF or even cut a video without even opening any application the tool itself already does that. Numerous file formats are supported.

Apple is also improving the feature of Print Screen on macOS Mojave. As in iOS, the tool now appears in a small window when invoked and allows you to capture the screen statically or in video, whether it is a whole or a selection. It is also possible to make a basic edit of the capture you just took before saving it.

The resource Continuity, in turn, is even more powerful: with the Continuity CameraMac apps can automatically activate your iPhone's camera so that you can take an image (or a scan with the document capture feature) and it will appear immediately in a file you are editing on your computer.

In terms of applications, four of them are coming to the Mac after their debuts on iOS: o Apple News, O handbag, O Voice recorder it's the Home. All of them are very similar to their versions for iPad, that is, yes, the space between Mac and iOS is getting smaller. More about this a few paragraphs below.


MacOS Mojave also brings privacy and security improvements. At the Safari, we have a tool that limits access to trackers your navigation. So you have the option of activating or not, say, a Facebook comment window on a website if you want these windows, as is well known, they are one of the main sources of monitoring of companies and the new behavior can be considered an important blow in companies like Facebook or Google. Apple also protects users from ?Fingerprinting?, a form of tracking that goes beyond Cookies the idea is to make web browsing as anonymous as possible.

Moving to the Mac App Store, the store will (finally!) win a redesign with strong inspiration from its iOS counterpart. We have a sidebar here, several editorial sections, stories about apps and videos that play automatically; Specific areas like Discover, Create, Work, Play and more bring apps grouped by their main functions. We also have personalized recommendations and tips for apps already installed. Apple even created an API for developers to add review windows directly to their apps.

Mac App Store on macOS Mojave

Several software giants have announced new products on the Mac App Store: Microsoft take the Office 365 store, while Adobe sells Lightroom CC for there. Panic's Transmit and Bare Bones' BBEdit are other great apps that weren't on the Mac App Store before and will land there soon.

As with iOS 12, the FaceTime macOS Mojave will also gain support for group calls with up to 32 people:

Group FaceTime on macOS Mojave

The Apple graphics API, MetalIt also gained improvements, with support for eGPUs that allow Ma computers to render high quality content without choking. In the Machine Learning area, macOS Mojave will feature a tool called Create ML, which helps developers create artificial intelligence resources and integrate them into their applications, integrates with all Ma's development tools, such as Swift.

Craig Federighi took the time to answer a question that has been repeated over the past few years: Will Apple merge macOS and iOS? At the, informs Apple: they are different universes, different standards and Ma loves the Mac, after all.

But there is a problem: there is a gap that needs to be filled. Apple needs to provide Mac with access to the world's largest application ecosystem iOS and is doing so in a new, previous technology that will take the UIKit to Ma's computers and allow developers to port mobile applications to the Mac with a few clicks. Apple itself is already doing this: the new News, Bag, Voice Recorder and Home apps for Mac were built with this new technology, which will reach the general developer community in 2019.

MacOS Mojave will be available for free to users in the spring (autumn of the northern hemisphere) and the first beta version for developers will be made available today.