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WWDC18: iOS 12 is presented with smarter Siri, app usage report, Memoji, Group FaceTime and more!

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The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 started like all others: with Tim Cook welcoming developers and sharing some interesting numbers from Apple.

Apple numbers

In this year's event, WWDC18 started today and will continue until Friday, 8/6 6,000 developers from 77 different countries, a record. There are now more than 20 million registered developers worldwide, which is also a record. All of this in 10 years of the App Store, which has the largest application market in the world with 500 million virtual visitors per week!

Speaking of the App Store, this week Apple has paid developers $ 100 billion since the store opened. And since Apple wants more people to have the opportunity to program, it created the Swift language and also the Swift Playgrounds app for iPad. Today, Swift is the fastest growing language in the world today, with more than 350,000 apps already created with it available in the store. Along with this effort, Apple also thinks that programming should be taught in schools around the world and, therefore, created the program ?Everybody Can Program?, already available to tens of millions of students worldwide.

iOS 12

The big star of the day, without a doubt, the iOS 12. And Apple tried to present the news of the new operating system to be released in a few months.

Before, however, some data from iOS 11: Apple always wants to bring news to the largest possible number of devices and, therefore, iOS 11 supports devices since 2013, with the iPhone 5s. Half the users upgraded to iOS 11 in just 7 weeks; today, the installed base of iOS 11 stands at 81%, which is in contrast to the competing operating system (Android), which has only 6% of users running its latest version. In addition to the rapid adoption, user satisfaction with iOS 11 is at 95%.

The big problem of keeping the system compatible as well as devices older people keep a good performance in all of them. So, Apple is focusing a lot on that on iOS 12. The idea that the system is faster and more responsive on * all * devices that currently run iOS 11. And Ma is giving a special focus to older devices taking an iPhone 6 Plus as an example, it opens apps up to 40% faster, keyboard up to 50% faster and taking photos up to 70% faster.

The system will also be optimized when the sharing sheet is overloaded and apps open twice as fast in these fast processing situations. In iOS 12, the CPU does not increase more slowly, but instantly until its peak and then decreases as needed. And that?s not just the latest iPhones, no: all iGadgets Compatibles will receive these remarkable performance improvements.

Augmented reality

On iOS 12, Apple wanted an easy way to integrate augmented reality with the system and, together with Pixar, it created a new format for AR called USDZ, optimized for sharing and 3D graphics. Objects can be positioned in the real world in a super-fast and simple way, for example, Adobe will implement native support for USDZ format in your Creative Cloud.

IOS has a great precision in measuring dimensions with AR, so Apple created a new app called Measures (Measure). It is possible to measure an object in a very simple and easy way just by pointing the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch at the object and marking some points of it the dimensions will appear on the screen in AR, in real time.

ARKit is already the largest AR platform in the world, and today Apple announced version 2.0 of it. We have better face tracking, realistic rendering, games based on a real 3D object, persistent experiences and sharing experiences (two people can play in the same AR environment with their separate devices).


More than 1 trail of photos are taken on iPhones every year. That is, a very important area for users. And if for users, for Apple. Therefore, the company is improving the Photos app.

Photos app on iOS 12

Now we have smart search suggestions, including important moments, people nearby, places where you took nice pictures, etc. It is possible to search for specific or general places, varied events, make refinements with multiple terms and so on.

IOS 12 Photos For You Suggests

On iOS 12, there is a new tab in the app called ?Para Voc?. There are featured photos, moments, suggested effects for you to apply to your photos, activities in shared albums, etc. We also have suggestions for what to share with relatives and friends, such as sending photos to friends who were at the same dinner with you. The images are always shared in full resolution, from the iCloud library, and when receiving the photos, your friends receive a suggestion to send back photos that they took at the same event, so that everyone can have them in their libraries.

Smart suggestion on iOS 12 Photos


Siri is widely used. Today, to have an idea, there are 10 billion requests per month. The assistant already works with some third-party apps, but Apple opens it more on iOS 12 with a feature called "Shortcuts". In an app integrated with keys, for example, you can integrate the shortcut ?I lost my keys? and Siri knows which app to call to solve your problem. Users will also be able to communicate with sports, relaxation apps, food orders, etc.

Siri will also start making more smart suggestions, using these app shortcuts as well. Directly on the locked screen, for example, she can suggest ordering a coffee that you usually make every morning. Or start an exercise when your gym arrives. If you are late for a meeting, Siri can suggest sending a message to the person telling you about it, or calling your grandmother on her birthday. Developers and users will be able to create their own shortcuts, and there will be a specific app for that. Users will be able, for example, to create a shortcut to get a report before they go surfing. All this done in an intuitive way, dragging and dropping on the interface.

Siri shortcuts on iOS 12

There is a search integrated with Atalho, full of suggestions on functions and combinations for the user to create whatever the sky wants the limit. When telling Siri that he is going home, for example, the app performs a series of activities predetermined by the user, in a chain. The cool thing is that Shortcuts works on iPhones / iPads, and can be called by HomePod and Apple Watch.

News, Bag and Recorder, Apple Books and CarPlay

In the Notcias app, there is a new navigation tab for users to know sources and topics of reliable information; on the iPad, there is a new side column that makes it easy to navigate through the contents and switch between them.

App News / News on iOS 12

Apple also recreated the Bolsa app from scratch, with an updated design, new graphics showing stock performance during the day and integration with Notcias (with news focused on financial exchanges and the economic market as a whole). The stock chart now also includes post-closing values ??for trading sessions and the app is also being brought, for the first time, to the iPad (users can follow stocks on one side and news on the other).

Bolsa / Stocks app on iOS 12

The Voice Recorder app was also completely remodeled on iOS 12, with a new interface, support for iPad and synchronization of recordings on all your devices by iCloud.

Voice Recorder / Voice Memos app on iOS 12

The iBooks app also gained a new design and a new name (Apple Books), with previews immediate from what you?re reading, a modernized store, specific area for audiobooks and more.

Apple Books on iOS 12

CarPlay is finally gaining support for third-party navigation apps, such as Waze and Google Maps, a news more than expected by many Brazilians, since Apple Maps does not even work here in Brazil.

Do Not Disturb

No Disturb is directly linked to the overuse of apps. Users are used to / addicted to apps, sometimes wasting too much time on it. There are several new features coming to iOS 12 with that in mind, in using these less devices, such as improvements to the Do Not Disturb feature.

At night, when you are sleeping, it will no longer show your entire list of notifications that could take your sleep away and make you pick up your iPhone in the middle of the night. There are also new ways for you to turn on Do Not Disturb and turn it off after a certain period or when your appointment ends. Users will also have more control over notifications, directly from the locked screen you can completely turn off pushes of an app or taking them off the locked screen Siri itself suggests that you turn off notifications for apps that you haven't been using.


Yes, finally notifications from the same app are grouped together on iOS! In fact, the system groups not only by app, but also by topics; when you touch a group, it expands, so you can discard a complete group by sliding sideways.

Screen Time

Apple is also bringing a feature called Tempo na Tela, with weekly app usage reports. There are graphs and information on how much time you are spending / investing in certain things on your iPhone / iPad, how many times a day you pick up the phone because of a particular app, how many app notifications you interact with each other.

IOS 12 Screen Time

For this reason, Apple is bringing a feature called App Limitations, allowing you to set a limit on how long you can use the app per day. Users can ignore the limit if they want, but the system will help you to control yourself in the use of certain apps, all of which is also very useful for children, allowing parents to further control the use of these devices.

Parents receive a complete report on the use of their children's devices and can, from there, set certain limits for specific apps. It is also possible to prevent devices from being used at night, to limit the use of apps by time or, on the other hand, to always allow access to educational apps. Specific content and websites can also be filtered by parents. And all of this is shared with the family and managed remotely by the parents.


On iOS 12, the famous Animojis will be able to detect the movement of the user's tongue, something criticized in the current version. In addition, there are new Animojis like ghost, koala, tiger and T-Rex.

But the big news, even, is on account of Memojis, a personalized version, yours, by Animoji (copying a feature launched by Samsung next to the Galaxy S9). Memojis may look just like you, or not; you choose how to look, the customizations are endless. The process of creating a very fun and easy Memoji (you select skin tone, face wrinkles, hair style and color, eye shape and colors, eyebrow shape all with many options and with Memoji already taking shape in the part top of the screen). You can also add glasses (with transparent or dark lenses), adjust the shape of the head and go.

Memoji in iOS 12 Messaging

There are also other fun features inside the camera, in the Messages app there is a little star in the lower left corner, which brings Snapchat / Instagram / Clips style effects. You can also add stickers on your camera, using AR. And, if you want, you can "transform" your own Memoji there in real time, replacing your real head with your Memoji.

Memoji in iOS 12 Messaging


FaceTime, as expected, now supports group video conferencing. And they didn?t save, no: only up to 32 people simultaneously! ?

Group video calling on iOS 12 FaceTime

Group calls can be in voice only, or with video and it is possible to skip group chats in Messaging to a group call on FaceTime, with just one touch. The images on the screen move in real time, not all are normally divided into a grid. a dynamic and fun interface the person's image automatically increases when the person speaks. Whoever is in the bottom row automatically goes up to the bigger areas when they speak and, if you want, you can touch whoever you want to make the person centered and bigger on the screen.

The effects of the Messages app, Animojis and Memojis are also there in FaceTime, all in real time.

Memoji on iOS 12

Group FaceTime will work on iPhones, iPads and Macs, and audio will work on Apple Watch as well.

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IOS 12 will be available for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in our spring (autumn in the northern hemisphere); a beta version of it will be available to developers today.