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WHALE: Facebook launches new meme-making app

Discreetly, Facebook launched an experimental app called Whale, which gives the user a chance to create their own memes

Memes have already become an essential part of Internet users' lives, especially here in Brazil where everything becomes a funny and interesting meme. No surprise that some companies want to explore this world and it is time for the Facebook, which launched in a very timid and discreet way, Whale, an application for creating memes in Canada.

Whale, creating memes on Facebook

Whale is the Facebook application created for users to make their own memesWhale is the Facebook application created for users to make their own memes

The application was created by the NPE team (New Product Experimentation, which in translation would be Experimentation of new products) of the company, and was named Whale. With it, it is possible to upload photos or even use the ones that are already saved in the application gallery and thus add phrases, texts, filters, emojis or draw so that the meme is as complete and funny as possible.

This group was created a few months ago by Facebook so that she could start testing new apps to further complete her experience in the world of social media platforms. They have already tested, for example, applications like Bump, which is a chat app that helps strangers to connect through some specific questions to break the ice.

Most of these apps are focused on the younger audience, the kind that like the features seen in other apps like TikTok or who watch live broadcasts on Twitch. Therefore, the team Instagram already started to bring a little more of this reality to your application, such as the scene filter, recently launched.

How it works?

When you download and install the app, you can choose a photo from the gallery, take a photo right away, or choose one of the images already added to the Whale library. Then time to choose a text, with a variety of fonts and different colors and being able to position it to your liking. You can also add another image on top, choose emojis to decorate the meme and add popular effects.

At the end of the work it is still possible to save the meme on the smartphone or share it on social networks or directly in the conversation part of the application. This is even the key tool of Whale, since its objective is precisely to create memes to be shared on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

An advantage of Whale is that it is completely free, with no registration fees. It is also possible to choose layouts with 2, 3 or 4 grids and even trigger a free design tool for those who want to be more creative in the elaboration of the meme. It is also possible to cut and transform the meme into a sticker to share in applications such as WhatsApp, in addition to putting effects on images such as laser coming out of the eyes, vortex, among others.

Whale availability

For now the app is only available on the Canadian App Store, and it is not yet known when or if it will be made available to the rest of the world. This is because as the name suggests, the group tests some applications that do not always end up coming out as expected or gain a lot of public attention. One of the objectives of these launches is precisely to see how the few users react to the proposal.

Himself Facebook already has an extensive history of launching experimental apps in online stores and quickly getting them out of there without notice, as happened with Slingshot, launched in 2015 with features very similar to Snapchat. With it, the company brought an option to design, write and add emojis on top of images before sharing, which at the time could have been a novelty, but ended up not making the expected success and was removed from stores.