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Waze and Google Maps will finally work on Apple CarPlay

Apple, in the opening keynote for WWDC18 that happened this afternoon, announced updates to its systems with exactly what the recent rumors said: an avalanche of "improvements".

In what seemed like a lot of features that should have been released some time ago, there is something that has long been requested by its users: the support for third-party navigation apps on Apple CarPlay.

WWDC 2018 - Apple CarPlay with third party app

Currently, CarPlay only works with Apple's native application, Maps that doesn't even work here in Brazil, since even today it doesn't have the turn-by-turn navigation feature (don't ask me why).

Fortunately, starting with iOS 12, which should arrive for everyone by the end of September, cars equipped with the system may also have third-party navigation / map apps, such as Waze, Google Maps, HERE and others. Apple is Opening this now; obviously, such applications will still need to be updated by the respective developers.

There is no disclosure of the numbers of CarPlay users, or even the cars that currently support it, but Strategy Analytics published in April that more than 85% of users were somewhat or very satisfied with the system and 90% said they would possibly recommend it to other people.

We still do not know the reason for this not having happened before, but certainly the news today could further increase the number of interested in iOS 12, especially for us Brazilians, since we are in need of any map app in Ma's vehicle system. .

And you, did you like the news? Can I hear a ?hallelujah?? ?

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