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TweetDeck for Android should be released today

That TweetDeck is one of the most famous and used Twitter clients, no one is in doubt.

With a beautiful and intuitive interface, divided into customizable columns, TweetDeck now offers versions for PC, Linux and Mac, in addition to a mobile version for iPhone and iPod and another for iPad.

Wait! And the mobile platform that has been gaining no less than 200 thousand users every day? Yes, I'm talking about Android.

Of course, TweetDeck would not miss the opportunity to join the fastest growing platform today. According to the website The Next Web, TweetDeck for Android should be launched today.

TweetDeck for Android initially has only two columns. At Home, updates for the four supported networks are listed, separated by color only: black for Twitter, dark blue for Facebook, light blue for Foursquare and dark red (more for wine) for Google Buzz. In the Me column, all updates made by the user are listed, regardless of the network where they were made.

The change between the columns occurs in the same way as the change between screens on the smartphone, just by dragging your finger from side to side on the screen.

According to TweetDeck, ?in general, images, conversations, comments, attachments and geotags are decoded from Twitter, Facebook and Buzz and shown below in the details window. We did this to provide a quick way to see all the interesting content that people are posting, without the user having to click several times to see such information ?.

As it is a Beta version, TNW has listed some improvements that will be very welcome in the following versions:

  • better handling of multiple Twitter accounts;
  • better handling of error messages;
  • deepening the integration with Android;

TweetDeck for Android Beta should be made available on the TweetDeck within today. To test the version, the user must make a quick registration on the website.