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Too far away? Instagram starts to hide images with Photoshop

Instagram started the year 2020 by hiding images edited in Photoshop; measure aims to combat misinformation and fake news

After numerous polemics involving Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, fake news and security on your social networks, Instagram became more rigorous with what we see on the platform. To combat misinformation, the social network launched a feature that ?hides? images edited with Photoshop.

The new feature of Instagram was seen by photographer Toby Harriman, from So Francisco, who was browsing the feed on the social network, until he found an image with the warning "False information".

By clicking on the overlay that hid the publication, the photographer discovered that it was just a man standing on a ?rainbow mountain?.

Toby Harriman Instagram Print (Reproduce: Toby Harriman)Toby Harriman Instagram Print (Reproduce: Toby Harriman)
Image Image ?hidden? by Instagram (Reproduction: Toby Harriman)

Photographers do not approve Instagram decision

After the disclosure of Toby Harriman in his Facebook, several people and photographers wondered if the Instagram is going too far when censoring images edited by Photoshop. For those who don't know, image manipulation is a type of photography, very famous by the way, like the publication censored above. The resource can harm certain accounts that use the social network as a means of work.

In response to a comment, the photographer admits that he agrees with almost everything about the resource, but that he hopes to see how it will work in practice as it can affect the work of photographers working with digital photographs.

?Interesting to see this and curious if it goes a little too far. Although I like this resource for helping people to better associate the real 'photoshopped', I also have a huge respect for digital art and I don't want to have to click on barriers to see it ?.

Harriman ends

Company response

O Instagram commented that the feature of hiding edited photos in Photoshop uses ?a combination of feedback of our community and technology ?to identify which photos will be passed on to independent verifiers. If these fact-checkers determine that a photo is fake, it will be hidden behind a warning message before anyone can see it.

In addition, these ?fake? images will be excluded from the Explore tab and will not appear in hashtags.

Social network for the sake of correct information and user safety

2019 was a year in which the Instagram it underwent major reforms to meet the "standards of health and safety of users". In September, for example, the social network banned postings with diet products and cosmetic surgery. The objective is to promote beneficial changes that do not remove the main idea from the platform, which will be a positive place for all users.

See what's changed in Instagram after this measure:

Just months ago, the biggest change in Instagram it was the removal of the number of likes (likes, in Portuguese) from all posts. The measure, adopted in July 2019 year in Brazil, had as one of its objectives also to remove the pressure on the user.

And you? Approves the new measure of Instagram censoring edited images from the Photoshop? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Peta Pixel

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