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Tips and tricks for enjoying your Apple Watch Series 4

We have separated some tips for you to enjoy the best that the Apple Watch Series 4 has to offer.

The combination of hardware ofApple Watch Series 4 and the watchOS 5 operating system makes the smart watch the Apple one of the best options in the Brazilian market wearables.

How do we know that a Apple Watch it requires a significant investment, we have separated some tips and tricks that will make your life easier and help you get the most out of your new smart watch.

Increase text size

The new models of Apple Watch they have slightly larger screens than previous generations, but some users may still have difficulty reading what is written on the small display. To alleviate this situation, access the app Settings on the Watch itself, select Brightness and Text Size and change the font to the desired size.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Text size

Automatic exercise detection

If you usually forget to start an exercise in Apple Watch before starting the activity, and because of that it fails to reach the goals, this tip for you.

Upon detecting an exercise, the Apple Watch Series 4 vibrates to warn you that the activity has not been recorded and asks if you would like to do it. Just one tap to confirm and go! Never again will their activities be counted.

Confirm that the Start Exercise Reminder is enabled on your Apple Watch by the app Settingsopo General, Exercise. Enjoy and also enable the feature End Exercise Reminder not to forget to complete the activity.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Start Exercise Reminder

Mute notifications with the palm of your hand

The most powerful speaker in the Apple Watch Series 4 It is a very welcome novelty, but in certain environments it may be necessary to silence it.

To dust Cover to Silence allows the user to mute user alerts and notifications Apple Watchjust placing your hand on the screen for at least 3 seconds.

To enable this feature, open the app Watch in your iPhone, select Sound and Touch and activate the option Cover to Silence.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Cover to silence

Take one print

Sharing prints of messages and applications is already part of the routine of every smartphone, but knew that you can also take prints of your screen Apple Watch?

First, I need to enable screenshots from the menu General of the application Watch on your iPhone. After that, just press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. When the screen flashes and the camera's shooting sound is played, the capture is made.

O print be stored in the app Photos yours iPhone, in the Screenshots album.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Screenshots

Restart the Apple Watch Series 4

Like any gadget, sometimes Apple Watch may be slow or completely unresponsive.

The recommended procedure in these cases is to hold the side button until the option to turn off the Apple Watch is displayed. Then slide your finger over the option Disconnect and wait for the system to shut down.

How Apple Watch off, hold the side button until the logo of the Apple appears on the screen.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Restart

If Apple Watch has stopped responding completely and you are unable to perform the previous procedure, it is possible to force the device to reboot.

But note: never perform this procedure during a watchOS update.

To force the reset, press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time for 10 seconds. When the Apple appears, release the buttons.

Spying the time

While the Apple Watch Series 4 is not in use, the watch screen remains off to save battery. The problem is that this requires the user to make a gesture with the wrist so that the device performs the most basic task of a watch: showing the time.

To do this more discreetly, rotate the Digital Crown upwards. The brightness of the screen will gradually increase and you will be able to spy on the time without completely illuminating the display.

Dry Watch after shower

O Apple Watch Series 4 waterproof, which allows use in swimming pools, in the shower and even in the sea (up to 50 meters).

To facilitate the internal drying of the Apple Watch after that swimming pool, there is a button in the shape of a water drop available at the Control Center (officially called Water lock). This option turns off the sensitivity of the screen, preventing the device from confusing drips with touches.

After leaving the water, just rotate the Digital Crown to remove the liquid from inside the Apple Watch and reactivate the screen.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Eject water

Turning on Cinema Mode

The light emitted by electronic devices is often a source of embarrassment in places such as cinemas and theaters.

To avoid the mico, access the Control Center and touch the mask-shaped icon to activate the Cinema Mode. This option prevents the screen from turning on if you raise your wrist and enables Quiet Mode.

To deactivate Cinema Mode, just touch the screen or press one of the buttons on the side of the watch.

Apple Watch Series 4: Tips and Tricks - Cinema Mode

Do you have any other cool tips to share with us? Tell us in the comments!