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The best notebooks of 2019 (Black Friday)

Which notebook is right for you? Best cost-benefit? The most innovative? The most powerful? Find out which were the best of the year and enjoy Black Friday

The end of the year is coming and it is time to list the 10 notebooks that stood out the most in 2019. The time was right to acquire your dream electronics, since it happens to sexta-feira Negrain late November.

For the list, we seek to bring very varied models, ranging from the ?tops of the line? to those that are more affordable, but always aiming to meet the needs of the consumer. Check below, followed by their respective purchase links:

Samsung Style S51 Pen 2019

Samsung Style S51 Pen is a 2 in 1 notebook designed for those who want mobility, productivity and performance.Photo: Divulgao

O Style S51 Pen a 2 in 1 notebook made for those who want mobility, productivity and performance. Being launched together with two other models, the ?Pen?Differs thanks to the included pen S Pen, aiming to accompany the user's creativity.

In addition, it can be used as a tablet for presentations, as it has only 995 grams, and even comes with a number of applications like Samsung Recorder Plus, made for recordings, Live Message, where it is possible to design the emojis themselves, and the Samsung Flow, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the notebook and synchronize the content of both.

In addition to being practical, S51 Style 2019 powerful. It is equipped with the video card Intel UHD Graphics 620 and the processor is the 8th generation Core-i7. During our tests with the notebook, it ran Overwatch in High quality at 30fps, which is very good for an integrated graphics. In addition, the Style S51 Pen comes with 8GB of RAM for multitasking and 256GB SSD. So you can work as well as browse the internet and watch media streams without worrying about performance loss. Read our full Samsung 2 in 1 review at the link below:

You can purchase it at the official store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza per R $ 6,119.00.

Dell XPS 13 with Intel Core 10 Generation

Dell has also updated its ultraportable Inspiron 7000 notebook in order to provide mobility and bring all the necessary features to the user.Photo: Divulgao

THE Dell updated this year the line XPS 13 with processors Intel Core tenth generation. The new generation is even more powerful and with improved graphics. This means that, even with an ultra-thin and light notebook, it will be possible to achieve performance equal to or greater than some available desktop computers.

With less edge and more pixels, it has an infinite screen design, allowing a 13.3 ? screen in 11-inch format, occupying 80.7% of the notebook body. The screen has an IPS panel that provides a wider viewing angle so you can share your screen without losing anything, as well as anti-glare technology for viewing in sunlight.

Regarding the battery, the Dell promises an average of 18 hours of autonomy. The most powerful version brings up to 2TB in SSD and 16GB of RAM for multitasking. For the internet, priority is given to streaming video, communication and game traffic in the system to provide fast and seamless online experiences. Check out all the news in the notebook below:

Liked the new XPS 13? Because enjoy the Dell promote, between November 25th and December 2nd, Black Friday 2019, with discounts that can reach almost R $ 3.8 thousand, in addition to installment options in up to 12 interest-free and free shipping. O XPS 13, for example, which has a suggested price of R $ 13,796.00, is R $ 9,999.00.

Asus Zenbook 14

Asus' Zenbook 14 stands out for its elegant look, portability and, even so, having a good configuration that meets the needs of most consumers.Photo: Divulgao

O ZenBook 14 gives Asus stands out for its elegant look, portability and good configuration that meets the needs of most consumers.

With Full HD resolution, its screen is 14 inches and the color distribution draws attention for the quality. The keyboard maintains the tradition of the ?Zenbook? line and has low keys and at the bottom there is a numeric keypad that is positioned on the touchpad. However, the highlight for this notebook is the boot speed from the SSD Pcie, taking less than 8 seconds to start all systems.

Inside, an integrated graphics card of the Intel, allied to the processor Intel Core-i7 eighth generation and 8GB of RAM. In addition, battery life is about 13 hours, being indicated for those who travel for work and need a fast, extremely light and elegant notebook. Check all the details of the ZenBook 14 and other lines of the Asus in our special subject:

Liked the ZenBook 14? You can purchase it at per R $ 5,279.99.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

According to ASUS itself, the Zenbook Pro Duo was designed to Photo: Divulgao

According to itself Asus, O ZenBook Pro Duo was designed for ?Taking creativity and productivity to the next level?.

This is because it accompanies two screens, both in 4K, the second being named as Screenpad Plus and sits on top of the keyboard, functioning as a kind of second monitor built into the ZenBook.

The idea of ??the secondary screen is to work together with the primary, being able to move tabs, windows, multimedia content, website extensions and use programs that can duplicate or extend on both screens.

As for the hardware, it is equipped with a video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Ray Tracing, allied to the processor Intel Core-i9 and 32 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The SSD comes with 1 TB of storage, which gives you speed and sufficient power for heavy games and programs from Adobe. Be sure to check out more details in a specific article that we developed for him.

You can purchase it through the official website of Asus.

Acer Aspire 5 (2019)

The 2019 version of the Acer notebook received an update in design, featuring a brushed aluminum cover and bezel around the thin screen.Photo: Divulgao

The 2019 version of the notebook Acer Aspire 5 thought of people who seek to perform daily tasks with agility. The line notebooks Acer have 8th generation Intel processors that perform up to 40% better when compared to the previous generation.

There are two model options: A515-52-56A8 and A515-52-536H. The first has 1 TB of HDD, 128 GB SSD, with faster reading and writing speed than traditional HD. The second is equipped with 256 GB SSD. Both come with the Windows 10 operating system and 15.6 HD screen.

You can purchase it at the official store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza per R $ 2,899.00.

Lenovo Ideapad C340 2 in 1

As its name suggests, the Ideapad C340 2-in-1 goal is to have the function of both a tablet and a notebook. Its flexibility allows you to find the ideal way of viewing the screen where the user is.Photo: Divulgao

As its name suggests, the objective of the Ideapad C340 2 in 1 that it has the function of both a tablet and a notebook. In the technical part, the Ideapad has a processor Intel Core-i7 8th generation and PCIe SSD. The battery has an autonomy of eight hours and easy charging and, according to Lenovo, in just 1 hour it is possible to go from 0% to 80% battery.

THE Lenovo also makes the pen available Digital Pen optionally, if the user wants to make dynamic notes or capture some kind of inspiration. According to the manufacturer, he thought to ?Creative people who seek to integrate handwriting with intelligent digitization?.

You can purchase it at the official store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza at the suggested price of R $ 2,789.10.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Photo: Divulgao

Considered the ?lightest in the world? corporate notebook, the HP Elite Dragonfly plus a 2 in 1 notebook that works both as a laptop and tablet. Its lightness is due to the manufacturing material, 50% of which is recycled plastic.

It is also the first notebook certified by the Project Athena gives Intel, equipped with processor Intel Core 8th generation. The integrated graphics card is Intel UHD Graphics 620, capacity of up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD NVme.

The 13.3-inch Full HD touch screen, which can be combined with a stylus. It rotates in 360 and has an adaptable design, being able to leave it in four modes: ?long?, to make quick notes; ?tent? format, ?totem? format and the conventional laptop.

To make you more secure, the HP put the system Sure View Gen3, which locks the screen instantly in order to prevent other people from looking at what you do. There is also the option of using fingerprint and facial recognition. Check all the details of the Elite Dragonfly below:

O HP Elite Dragonfly should hit the market in November. We will update this article shortly.

Samsung Flash F30

Designed for students, this notebook weighs just 1.37 kg and has 16.9mm, being a slim, stylish and portable option.Photo: Divulgao

Designed for students, this notebook weighs just 1.37 kg and has 16.9mm, being a slim, stylish and portable option. With a textured finish, there is a very pleasant ?touch? to the fabric, in addition to the colors graphite, watercolor and chalk white.

As for its technical settings, it comes with a Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD storage. The exception is the white chalk edition, with 128GB.

The notebook also comes with a digital printing to increase your security level and thus make sure that only authorized people can access documents. The display is already a Full HD and there is also support for UFS, considered the ?latest flash memory innovation?.

You can purchase it at the official store Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza per R $ 1,619.00.

Apple MacBook Air 2019

The 2019 edition of the Macbook Air has as its main attraction the True Tone technology, made to distribute the colors of the display without any distortionPhoto: Divulgao

The 2019 edition of Macbook Air its main attraction is the True Tone technology, made to distribute the colors of the display without any distortion. In addition, it is lighter and thinner, has a touch ID and a resolution of 2560 × 1600.

The device also has the second generation of the chip created by itself Apple designed to make you safer when compared to previous models. When using your fingerprint to unlock the device, information is protected. In addition, there is real-time data encoding.

The battery lasts for 12 hours, while the processor one intel Core i5 eighth generation. It comes with a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM.

You can purchase it at per R $ 5,035.00.

Asus Vivobook 15

Ideal for those who want a compact notebook with good performance, it is intended for those who aim for a good cost-benefit, not having all the components Photo: Divulgao

Ideal for those who want a compact and well-performing notebook, the Vivobook 15 It is intended for those who aim at good value for money.

It is equipped with an intermediate video card GeForce MX230, gives NVIDIA, and a processor Intel Core i7 8565U with 8GB of RAM. Its battery has a battery life of 6 hours, while charging takes about two hours.

The screen is 15.6 inches in size with Full HD resolution and anti-glare panel, in addition to a backlight so you can type in the dark without any problems. There are two USB ports, HDMI output, P2 input and microSD card reader.

You can purchase it at per R $ 2,199.99.

Did you like our list? Is there a notebook that deserved to be here? Leave it in the comments and help our readers. Check out our other listings below and take advantage of sexta-feira Negra!

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