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Technological poster shows you the weather forecast

Kickstarter project breaks down barriers between art and technology

Smart screens for residential use are already a reality worldwide. But none of them compare to the Time Pster, a platform project Kickstarter from the designer Oli Woods and your company, Typified.

The project aims to fuse traditional art (in this case, a printed poster) with modern technology, to create an intelligent screen that is more limited in its functions, but very beautiful for decoration.

As the name says, the Time Pster it does only one thing: it tells you the weather forecast during the day. With minimalist style, icons show possible rain, cloudy sky or sun at specific times, only 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm that day. The simplicity is part of the charm of the poster, making it blend into the environment.

Technological poster

Woods brought something very smart in the technical part of the project; The screen is a poster on traditional paper, but uses heat-sensitive ink, illuminating the icons based on weather data from the internet. A mix of analogue and digital technology.

As it is a project of Kickstarter, we also have its setbacks. First of all, your price. O Time Pster is available by 134 dollars, which is quite expensive for a limited weather forecasting device. It is worth mentioning that the first product of a small new company. The sending date of the first posters will begin in July 2019.

Technological poster

O Time Pster has a free two-year period of use of the weather forecast service, after which the user must pay $ 7.50 per year to continue to have access to the information.

The product seems like an interesting idea and can work. Imagine if that same technology integrated the urban areas, showing information about the next train that is coming or even a clock. The possibilities are endless and Woods you may have other plans in mind for your project.

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